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Civil engineering and architectural part of the the electric power transmission facilities (high voltage substations and switchyards) and belonging infrastructure represent our Company’s specialization. In projects of stated facilities construction we offer the following services:

1. Civil engineering and architectural part of the technical documentation

  • Compilation of the technical documentation – preliminary design, main design and design for construction in compliance with applicable legislation and regulations

Construction of high voltage substations and switchyards, as infrastructure facilities represents complex project requiring close interdisciplinary cooperation of experts from various professional fields. Long-term planning assumes easy integration of future plants into the network as well as simplified integration of elements in design and construction process. The complexity of the project requirements has a great impact on the project costs requiring a comparison of all alternative solutions and their impact in phases of design, construction, maintenance and use of facilities during designed time of use.

When compiling technical documentation, we choose an interdisciplinary approach cooperating with various competent experts respecting clients’ needs and requirements. Specialized organisations and/or technical faculties/colleagues are also engaged as necessary.

2. Consulting services

In addition to technical documentation compilation, our Company is experienced and possesses know-how for providing services such as:

  • obtaining permits – location permits, building permits and use permits, certificates issued by public law bodies and similar

  • compilation of terms of reference

  • tender and bidding documents analysis

  • contractor selecting consulting (in respect of contractor technical and expert capacities)

  • design supervision

  • commissioning of facilities and works in the clients’ name

Ink Projekt Ltd. experienced employees possess practical knowledge and skills for rendering consulting services in project realization providing for the most acceptable technical solutions harmonized with the existing system, satisfying clients’ needs and respecting cost and time efficiency. Our expertise, know-how and experience provide the client with an optimal cost and time efficient planning of projects and reaching cost efficient decisions in due time.

As subconstructors in “turn-key” projects, our expert team renders services of construction cost estimation for a civil engineering part of high voltage substation and switchyard and belonging infrastructure facilities.

3. Site Supervision

Ink Projekt Ltd. employees are experienced and trained and fulfill the requirements for site supervision prescribed by a special act for civil engineering and architectural works in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.

4. Energy audit and energy certificates

The Company is authorized by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning to perform:

  • energy certification and energy audits of buildings with a simple technical system

  • energy audits of buildings with a complex technical system referring to their constructional part

  • energy certification of buildings with a complex technical system

In cooperating with our permanent business partners, Ink Projekt Ltd. offers complete energy saving solutions:

  • energy certification and energy audits

  • preparation, compilation and management of energy performance refurbishment projects

  • compilation of contemporary energy performance concepts of buildings in compliance with the applicable legislation​

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